The Best LED Products we Absolutely Adore

The Best LED Products we Absolutely Adore

Since the introduction of LED, the way in which we choose to decorate our homes has completely shifted. When LED was first introduced to the world, it was in the form of simple lighting that replaced our everyday bulbs that were no longer considered to be energy efficient.

Once the world had mastered LED bulbs, we then decided to use LED in a number of other products.  Due to the versatility of the LED bulb, we were able to make many more of our everyday products far more energy-efficient. Here are just some of the best-LED products that we absolutely adore.


Decorative LED products

Decorative LED products are a lot like Marmite, you either love them or you hate them. We absolutely love a good LED decorative product as they bring light to any room while also looking very modern and well designed.

Depending on your own personal taste, there is a long list of potential decorative LED products to choose from. If you are someone that likes to keep it simple, then you may opt to go for some simple lighting decoration. This means stuff like fairy lights or similar LED light products. You can now buy LED streamer lights, which hang from your wall and really brighten the room. These come in many shapes and can really be used as a decorative statement pieces.

Many decorations are also integrating LED lighting to give them a little more life. A very common trend that is taking the world by storm right now is the integration of LED lights in statues and other similar products. Adding the LED lights to these products really brings the products to life and makes them more of a statement piece within your home. Right now, angel and fairy statues with integrated LED lights are extremely popular, so be sure to look out for one.


LED Tech

On top of just your standard lights, LED technology has also been integrated into the world of tech. Everyday items that we have been using for a number of years have slowly been transitioning over to LED technology. The best example of this is the TV. TVs used to use Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps to provide the television set with light, however in recent years manufacturers have instead started to use LED lights, which are more dependable, more energy-efficient and more effective. These days all TVs are now LED TVs, as LCD has fallen out of style.

Another tech that you use that has a screen also uses LED technology. So this means that if you have any handheld gaming consoles or even a phone, then you are using the amazing LED technology every single day.  All technology that is commonly used depends on LED and once you start to try and pick out LED technology, you will quickly discover that it is much more popular than you first thought.


LED lighting

When talking about LED products, it would be strange to not mention where it all started. When LED lights were first introduced to the world, they were not without their problems. Often they would die quickly or they would be susceptible to breaking.  Things have changed substantially since the first introduction of LED technology and these days LED lighting is much more dependable.

Beyond the point of your standard light bulb, more and more LED lighting has been released onto the market. You may have heard of LED lighting that can be controlled from your phone, which means that you can control when the lighting is on, along with the brightness and colour of the lighting. These are known as smart bulbs and they can be plugged in within any lighting socket within your home.

Something that has also been really exciting in the world is ambient LED lighting. This lighting can be linked up to your TV and when a movie or TV show is played, the LED lighting will change colour to match the mood and colour scheme of what is happening on the TV. Many people absolutely love ambient light, as it really adds to the immersion of what they are watching.


LED funeral products

Though you may be surprised to read this, many people have started to use LED funeral products. Using typical flowers and similar products simply do not last and they are not weather resistant, which means that instead of your typical wreaths, many people are choosing to go for an LED wreath which is much more eye-catching and does not fall victim to time, which is not the case when it comes to your standard flowers. As well as LED wreaths, you can purchase a number of decorative grave pieces which really brighten up the grave area and make it stand out.

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