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Why The Design of Your App Can Influence Its Success

Thanks to advancements in technology, it is now easier than ever to make your own app. In the past, the idea of making an app may have gone completely over your head. However, it is now so easy that just about anyone can do it.

If you are someone that has left education in the last decade or so, you probably got to experience the app making process first-hand. In the past, you would need to have a deep understanding of complicated computer languages to be able to form an app. However, now there are dozens of different software that are dedicated to helping you make your very own app, which means that it is easier than ever.

You no longer need to have an understanding of any complicated language, as the software breaks it all down for you and makes it incredibly easy to understand the app making process. For some software, you don’t have to write anything at all and making an app can be as easy as knowing the right buttons to press and piece together.

With how easy it now is to make an app, it is likely that you have thought of making your own over time. Due to how easy making an app is now, you probably think that you can just throw anything together and it is good to go. However, there are some important features you have to think about when making an app and one of these features is the appearance of the app.

Here is a look into why the design of your app can influence its success, as well as a look at some of the other important features that you have to consider when making your app.

There Are a Lot of Scam Apps

As you are probably more than aware, the internet can often be an incredibly dangerous place. Though the purpose of the internet is to provide education and connect the world, like with everything, there are a few people that have taken advantage of this.

There are people all over the internet that prey on vulnerable people and do everything in their power to take advantage of them for monetary gain. Some examples of people scamming on the internet include; phishing, scam websites, and scam apps.

This means that a lot of scammers download apps and when these apps are downloaded to someone’s phone, it becomes easy to find their information and take a lot of money from them. With a lot of apps, you can often be asked to input your payment details, which can then be used by someone that has created this scam app.

Now that we are more aware of scams, there are some things that we have to look out for to protect ourselves. For example, we tend to look for suspicious names, a continuous ask for payment and an unusual appearance. This means that if you create an app that has a poor appearance, a user may simply assume that it is a scam and so they will instantly uninstall it.

The last thing that you want is for the appearance of your app to persuade people not to use it and so you should definitely put a bit of extra work into the appearance of your application. I would recommend taking a look at some scam app examples, as this will allow you to know what to avoid in terms of design.

Nobody Wants to Use an App That is Difficult

Another big reason that you should put a lot of work into the design of your app is that nobody likes to use a difficult to use the app. If you create an app by yourself and you have no experience in the world of app design, it is only inevitable that your app is going to have some bugs and faults.

This is fine in the starting days of your app, as every app usually has a few teething problems that you have to deal with. However, if you are not experienced in app design, then it is likely that these problems will stick around. It can be incredibly annoying to use an app that is faulty and if your app is hard to navigate and use, then your users are going to see no point at all in using it when they can use an app that is just as good and actually works.

How Can You Avoid Designing A Bad App?

The first piece of advice that I can give you for avoiding creating a poorly designed website is hiring a professional. You may have a great idea for an app, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will do a great job at actually creating the app.

If you get a professional to do the work for you, then you won’t have to worry about constantly having to patch any mistakes that you may have made. If you are not sure where to find someone to help create your app and you do not have a lot of money to spare, I would recommend that you take a look at Laravel. Laravel is good for PHP developers and you are bound to find someone that can help and offer advice.

Even if it costs you more than you would like to spend, it will be well worth the product that you get.

Tech That You Can Use When Landscaping Your House

With summer approaching, it is that time of year when we all start spending a lot more time outdoors. The weather has been quite miserable this year and so we haven’t really spent a lot of time relaxing in our gardens.

This means that a lot of us haven’t been keeping on top of our gardens and it is likely that a lot of your gardens have become quite overrun by overgrown grass and plants. You have got a few months before the sun really starts to shine and BBQ season starts, so you have plenty of time to get your garden ready.

It is not unheard of for people to get their gardens landscaped professionally and it can be very cheap if you head to the right company. For example, you could always choose to go for a company like Triton Landscaping, as this landcape company have an online cost calculator that allows you to work out just how much it will cost you to have your garden professionally landscaped.

Though you can get your garden fully landscaped for a low price, a lot of people think that it is more worthwhile to buy the equipment to do it yourself. If you are able to buy quality landscaping equipment, then you can keep it for a long time and continue to do your own landscaping for the following years for no cost.

You will be glad to know that there has been a lot of technology released onto the market and this will make landscaping your garden much easier. Here is a look at some of the technology that you can use when you are landscaping your garden.

Auto Mower

If you have a big garden, then something that you are likely dreading is having to mow your lawn. Mowing your lawn can take a long time and it can be the most tedious part of landscaping your garden. On top of how long it can take to do, using your standard lawnmower can be very loud, which may upset your neighbours.

With an automatic lawnmower, all that you need to do is place the mower down on the floor and let it go to work. It will be able to sense when something is in front of it and it will sense it and avoid it. This means that you can just sit back and wait for technology to do all of the work for you.

Flower Power Sensor

If you are really set on putting a flower patch in your garden but you are terrible at knowing when and when not to water your flower bed, then the flower power sensor is for you. All that you need to do is put your sensor into the patch of soil where you have planted your flowers.

Once you have put the soil into the sensor, as soon as the soil starts to become too dry you will get a notification from the app that is connected to the sensor and then you will know that you need to go and water your plants.

Raincloud Smart Valve

If you only have one tap in your garden but you need to use your hose for various activities at the same time while you are landscaping your garden, something that you can do is get a raincloud smart valve.

With this valve, you can connect up to 5 different hoses for all of the different purposes that you may have. You can control all of the hoses connected to the raincloud valve from your phone. This means that if you need to turn one of your hoses off, the rest can keep running.

This is really useful if you are doing a lot of different jobs in your garden and being able to turn it off from your phone means that you can waste less water.

Electric Chainsaw

If you have had some trees become overgrown over the last year, then it is likely they are blocking your sun and getting in the way of any natural light getting into your garden.

Something that you are going to need to do is prune the branches on your tree and people tend to use chain saws to do this. You can use a gas chainsaw to do this, but these need refuelling and they can be very unreliable. An electric chainsaw is much more reliable and it can be incredibly powerful.

You will need to charge them for an hour or so to get the most power out of them, but they will do an excellent job at getting rid of any annoying branches that you may have. You can actually find them for quite a low price online and they are very useful when landscaping their garden.

Grass Sprayer

If your garden has been neglected for a while, it is likely that some of your grass has become discolored. This can be a bad look and it can make your garden look worn out. You can wait for the grass to grow back in, but that can take some time and if you have some plans in place, you may want to fix the grass in a rush.

You can actually buy dyes that transform your grass into a rich green color and if you want to do it quickly, I would recommend that you use an electric sprayer as this will make the process much easier.

Has Tech Completely Changed How We Enjoy Music?

It is the opinion of many that the technology industry has played a huge part in changing the way that people listen to music, some would say that the traditional methods should not be forgotten, while others welcome the convenience and sound quality that new technology has provided. This article will be looking at popular methods of listening to music and how the technology industry has influenced them. If you are a lover of music who is looking for a new means to get your best tracks playing then I would recommend that you continue reading what I have to say.


Old-style records lost their popularity when things suddenly changed to the digital format, however it is nice to see that records are coming back in terms of what is trending in the music world. Records are not just about listening to your favorite music but there is a huge element of collecting rare releases and records that are from the original release date. If you are someone who loves music then record collecting is a great way that you can further this interest while paying tribute to the more traditional ways.


While records have some history to them, one way that music has changed for the better in my opinion is when it comes to CDs. There is no difference between a digital download and a mass-produced CD so why not help cut down on plastic waste and move away from this outdated format. Digital downloads are extremely convenient and rather than being restricted to a single CD for what you will be listening to, you can merge your favorite tracks for an ultimate playlist of the music that you love.

Music Subscriptions

One of the biggest ways that the music industry has changed thanks to technology would have to be by the previously mentioned increased use of music subscription apps and services. Spotify especially has become very popular as it allows you to access a huge library of music and make your own playlists of your favorite artists. You can also access a range of premade playlists if you want to try something new or you need quick background music, the house music playlist available on Spotify is just one of many great choices that you can enjoy when spending the day at home.

Radio Stations

One aspect of the music industry that I would say is safe from being taken over technologically speaking would have to be when it comes to listening to the radio. While you can still access the radio stations that you enjoy using online music apps, people do not just use the radio for music. Music stations provide a variety of different things including local news, the weather, and radio hosting to keep entertained. The variety that is included is in my opinion why I feel radio stations are safe from being heavily changed through the technological influence in today’s society that could replace the radio industry altogether.

Improved Sound Systems

One way that technology has definitely changed how we listen to music for the better would have to be through the increased development of home sound systems. Technology was previously very limited and no comparison to the sound quality that is provided on the latest models. If you are not happy with your current system then I would strongly suggest that you take a look at what is available in terms of new speakers and home radio systems that can be connected throughout your home to play the music you love at a volume and sound depth that is suitable for the amount of space and rooms you have in your home.

Why Reddit Is a Great Place to go For Tech Advice

Reddit is the leading and most popular website for sharing news and entertainment stories on the Internet. People from all over the world use Reddit to share links to all different kinds of content. Reddit is the front page of the Internet; you can find out anything there, from funny cat videos to the latest news stories. It has over 52 million daily users and an average of 430 million views per month. There’s a subreddit for everything, but you don’t need me to tell you that.

You already know how powerful Reddit is and how helpful it can be to any business or individual problem. Reddit is a forum-style site; you can post articles and respond to others who have published articles. The best part is that you can ask for help on any technical issue and get answers from people with vast experience in this field. If you’ve tried other avenues of support and still haven’t found a solution, it might be time to take your tech problems straight to the Reddit community. Let’s dive in.

Reasons Why Reddit Is a Great Place For Tech Advice

Reddit is an incredibly useful tool for getting answers to your questions, especially regarding technology. When trying to figure out what you need, it can be not easy to know where to start. Reddit has a way of bringing people together in ways that make finding answers easier than ever before. Here are some reasons why you should consider going to Reddit when you have any tech questions:

It’s easy to find experts

Reddit is a great place to go for tech advice. It’s a huge community with tons of knowledgeable people who are happy to help. If you have any questions about anything from setting up your home network to choosing the best laptop for your needs, there’s a subreddit for that.

There are thousands of subreddits on any number of subjects, including technology. If you have an issue with your computer or smartphone and want help from someone who knows what they’re doing, there’s probably an expert waiting for you on Reddit.

Provide turns of answers

In addition to being fun and informative, Reddit can be an excellent source of free advice about almost any topic you care about. You’ll find answers to all sorts of questions about computers and smartphones. Some questions with answers may include fixing common problems like slowdowns or viruses, picking out new equipment for your home or office, and improving your connection speed.

Voting System

The Reddit community is very vocal about what they like and don’t like, and therefore it can be a great place to find out if certain products or services are worth using. The voting system also makes it easy to find the best advice on any topic. It’s useful, especially when you want to know what other people think about a particular product or service before you decide whether or not to buy it.

Ways to Boost Your Post on Reddit

Buy upvotes.

The first thing to do is to make sure that your post is upvoted as much as possible by other platform users. If for instance you need to buy some upvotes, offer this service. It will help increase its visibility on the site and make it more likely that others will see it.

Give credit where credit is due.

If you use someone else’s content in your post, give them credit for their work by linking back to their website or publishing their name with their permission. It helps build trust between you and other users who see your post and might share it themselves later on.

Follow your subreddits

Post content that appeals to specific communities or subreddits. Suppose you’re posting something relevant to a particular community or subreddit; members will likely share it with others and upvote it, increasing its visibility.


On Reddit, you can find a wealth of informative content about technology and its benefits for the modern world. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for programming help, Windows support, advice about gaming, or an introduction to Virtual Reality; experts and helpful techies are lurking on Reddit who can help out with any questions you have. Reddit is that it’s not specific to one platform or device; instead, it’s focused on the tech itself.

Interesting Ways You Can Use Tech to Deliver Jokes

Delivering jokes can be very difficult, while it will come with further experience and practice there are other ways that you can improve your delivery to hopefully improve the overall impact of your jokes. Technology plays a huge part in many things these days and you may be surprised to learn that a little technical influence can also go a long way in helping your entertainment levels and comedic effect improve. It is important that you try different things with your jokes and comedy to keep your audience on their toes and avoid them being able to expect what you are going to say.

This article will be looking at various methods of implementing technology into your jokes, using technology to facilitate your comedy can be a huge factor in helping you to build your confidence. Like anything in life, it is important that you gain experience as this will help you to be able to come up with your own unique way of performing your comedy and get the reaction you want from your audiences. For amateurs getting started in delivering jokes and comedy, what I have to say will be relevant to you and hopefully, give you a headstart on any competing acts.


A great way that you can use technology to deliver your jokes would have to be by implementing them into some form of video content. This is a great way that you can use a material that you have prepared that may not have made the final act, you could use a short comedy video to introduce yourself and break the ice between yourself and your audience. The technology really can create some unique effects that will help to make you stand out as an individual rather than following what everyone else is doing.


Another way that you can deliver your jokes using technology could be in some form of group game situation. Game Shows are very popular and you could take the style of popular games like Family Feud and Catchphrase and use them as a means to deliver your jokes. This concept is not something that would be difficult for you to set up and you can find the best family feud questions online so that you don’t have to waste your creative energy on coming up with questions as well as your own jokes. This would be a unique way of creating an interactive show and will definitely help you to provide a night that all involved will remember for a very long time.

In order to ensure you give the desired effect and try to create a realistic set, you will need the help of technology to make this a reality. It is important that you have screens for the questions and some form of lighting to add some drama and professionalism to the show. Again this is something that shouldn’t be too difficult for you to organize and you should speak to the owners of the place you are performing at to see if they can access any of this equipment.


Another way that technology can be used in helping you to perform your jokes would be to add accompanying music. If you are able to find songs that are relevant to your jokes then these will go very well at helping to boost the impact of your comedy, especially if you are able to use songs that people will recognize and enjoy then these will hopefully generate a bigger response that will, in turn, boost your confidence when people react well to your jokes.

Stage Presence

Technology can help you to have more stage presence while you are performing. With comedy, it can become difficult if you are just standing and performing your set, which is why you should definitely consider using microphones, lighting, and other visual effects to add some flair to your performance. This is one of the best ways to improve how you are able to deliver your jokes as well as portray yourself as an industry professional who cares about the details of what they do. It may be a large investment but it is also one that I would argue is worth its value in the long run.


The final way that I would suggest you use technology within your comedy performances would have to be by doing your research. It is important that you keep up to date with current affairs and other big events in comedy so that you are armed with the relevant information to improve your own joke delivery. Research can be done on any portable device with internet connections so you really have no excuse to fall behind with this and not be adding current information and elements to your comedy routines, as it is so easy to do.

Interesting Tech You Can Use to Learn More About Bugs

For those of you with an interest in bugs and the insect world you will be glad to know that there are many technological options available to you if you would like to learn more, technology has come a long way so that bug enthusiasts everywhere are able to get a close-up look at different aspects of this interesting species group. If you are wondering where you can find bug-related technology, my first recommendation would have to be online stores within the industry. Shopping online allows you to get all of the necessary details so that you have a preview of what this technology can offer before you go ahead with the purchase.

This article will be looking at some of the amazing inventions and pieces of tech that you can use to find out new and interesting facts about bugs from a perspective that you may not have found before. The pieces on this list vary in price with some being very affordable and marketed towards children who may have a keen interest in this area, making them good gifts if you have a special occasion coming up.

Infra-Red Cameras

Infra-red cameras allow you to get a close-up look at many elements of wildlife using temperatures to also provide scientific data that can be used in any research or projects you may have in the works. The image quality that many of these cameras can provide cannot be found in the standard technology, this means you can use these devices to gather high-quality images to be recorded in your notes of bugs you have encountered throughout your lifetime. You can find these cameras at very affordable rates and if you are looking to save some money why not try looking for a pre-owned model, these cameras last a very long time without sacrificing the specification quality.

Bug Viewing Traps

Another great piece of kit that you can buy for the bug lover in your life would have to be the small traps that can be used to hold bugs for you to observe and study, with these kits you can humanely trap bugs for a short period of time to identify elements of this wildlife for yourself in person. These gifts would make a great stocking filler at Christmas and will encourage children who like bugs to further this hobby.

Chemical Testing

Chemical testing is a very new development to come to the industry, they offer easy-to-use household kits that we can use to test bug substances such as cockroach feces which offers a lot of information of scientific relevance. Testing these substances on a chemical level can also help identify signs of an infestation in the home so that you are able to find the source of an issue and treat the area accordingly. This innovative invention is accessible with cheap kits available for purchase amongst many online retailers, if you think you have an infestation or you simply want to learn more about the bugs in your area this would be perfect for you.

Online Resources

A final way that you can use technology to learn more about bugs would simply be by taking advantage of the various online resources filled with information about unique species of bugs. If you think you are ready you yourself could contribute to the community and start documenting your own findings on a blog or website, this will also open up the opportunity to get feedback from other like-minded individuals. If you believe you could go even further with this to generate a career this would be a very useful tool to have access to.

Easy Ways to Turn Your Passion For Gaming Into a Career

If you are someone that has a love for gaming, it is likely that you spend a lot of your time gaming. When you have a passion for anything, it can be hard to escape it, and often it can be impossible to put down your controller or your computer.

You probably wish that you could spend your entire day gaming, but responsibilities like work get in the way of this, which means that you can not dedicate as much of your time to gaming as you would like.

What if I was to tell you that you don’t have to choose between gaming and career, as you can make gaming your career. Here are some easy ways to turn your passion for gaming into a career.

Get Coaching

If you really want to improve your gaming ability enough that you can make it into a viable career, something that you can do is get coaching. Not everyone has a natural gift for gaming, even if you absolutely love it. This does not mean that you have to give up on your dream of becoming a pro gamer.

If you think about any job role that there is out there, nobody shows up on the first day and is automatically good. This is just the way it works and the only way that you can improve your ability is through the help of coaching.

Though I do not play professionally, I wanted to improve my League skills. To do this I reached out to wecoach’s coaching services for wild rift training when it was released. This allowed me to improve my gaming ability and it may help you do the exact same thing.

Watch Professional Players

If you want to improve your skills, a great technique that you can use is watching professional players. All of the big gamers on the internet tend to stream their gaming activities or post videos on Youtube.

These people have years of experience and they know exactly how to achieve high scores in games. If you watch their videos, then you can take notes of what they do when they play. Some people learn better through observation and if that applies to you, then it would be in your best interest to watch what they do.

After you have watched a few streams, you will notice patterns in how the gamer plays. Once you notice the patterns, you can then apply them to your own gameplay and improve.

Play With High-Level Players

Another great way to improve your skills enough for you to become professional is by playing with high-level gamers. If you play with people on a lower level, then you will not be challenged enough to improve. If you play with higher-level people, then it may be hard at first and you may find yourself struggling, but this will improve over time and you will be much more prepared to play competitively in the future.

If you play with high-level gamers, then you will be able to pick up some of the techniques that they use. It is a fantastic learning opportunity that you can put to work and use to make it as a competitive gamer.

Post Videos

To make it as a professional gamer, you need to collect an audience that will support you during the process. To build a community of supporters, you need to first post videos and stream. It can be intimidating to do so, but if you really want to make it then you need to put yourself out there.

The Best LED Products we Absolutely Adore

Since the introduction of LED, the way in which we choose to decorate our homes has completely shifted. When LED was first introduced to the world, it was in the form of simple lighting that replaced our everyday bulbs that were no longer considered to be energy efficient.

Once the world had mastered LED bulbs, we then decided to use LED in a number of other products.  Due to the versatility of the LED bulb, we were able to make many more of our everyday products far more energy-efficient. Here are just some of the best-LED products that we absolutely adore.


Decorative LED products

Decorative LED products are a lot like Marmite, you either love them or you hate them. We absolutely love a good LED decorative product as they bring light to any room while also looking very modern and well designed.

Depending on your own personal taste, there is a long list of potential decorative LED products to choose from. If you are someone that likes to keep it simple, then you may opt to go for some simple lighting decoration. This means stuff like fairy lights or similar LED light products. You can now buy LED streamer lights, which hang from your wall and really brighten the room. These come in many shapes and can really be used as a decorative statement pieces.

Many decorations are also integrating LED lighting to give them a little more life. A very common trend that is taking the world by storm right now is the integration of LED lights in statues and other similar products. Adding the LED lights to these products really brings the products to life and makes them more of a statement piece within your home. Right now, angel and fairy statues with integrated LED lights are extremely popular, so be sure to look out for one.


LED Tech

On top of just your standard lights, LED technology has also been integrated into the world of tech. Everyday items that we have been using for a number of years have slowly been transitioning over to LED technology. The best example of this is the TV. TVs used to use Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps to provide the television set with light, however in recent years manufacturers have instead started to use LED lights, which are more dependable, more energy-efficient and more effective. These days all TVs are now LED TVs, as LCD has fallen out of style.

Another tech that you use that has a screen also uses LED technology. So this means that if you have any handheld gaming consoles or even a phone, then you are using the amazing LED technology every single day.  All technology that is commonly used depends on LED and once you start to try and pick out LED technology, you will quickly discover that it is much more popular than you first thought.


LED lighting

When talking about LED products, it would be strange to not mention where it all started. When LED lights were first introduced to the world, they were not without their problems. Often they would die quickly or they would be susceptible to breaking.  Things have changed substantially since the first introduction of LED technology and these days LED lighting is much more dependable.

Beyond the point of your standard light bulb, more and more LED lighting has been released onto the market. You may have heard of LED lighting that can be controlled from your phone, which means that you can control when the lighting is on, along with the brightness and colour of the lighting. These are known as smart bulbs and they can be plugged in within any lighting socket within your home.

Something that has also been really exciting in the world is ambient LED lighting. This lighting can be linked up to your TV and when a movie or TV show is played, the LED lighting will change colour to match the mood and colour scheme of what is happening on the TV. Many people absolutely love ambient light, as it really adds to the immersion of what they are watching.


LED funeral products

Though you may be surprised to read this, many people have started to use LED funeral products. Using typical flowers and similar products simply do not last and they are not weather resistant, which means that instead of your typical wreaths, many people are choosing to go for an LED wreath which is much more eye-catching and does not fall victim to time, which is not the case when it comes to your standard flowers. As well as LED wreaths, you can purchase a number of decorative grave pieces which really brighten up the grave area and make it stand out.